Vio Arts specializes in unique, custom art pieces in every medium. I pride myself on using only high-quality supplies to create your work. As an award-winning artist, it’s my honor to create a custom piece of art that will reflect your personal style. I’m excited to help bring your vision to life and create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece!


About Brittney Johnson

Green Monster

Art is something I have done my from the time I could hold a crayon and draw on walls.

I went to school and became a sculpture major; but painting and drawing is still a huge part of my arsenal. I love monsters and any sort of critter that might lurk in the back of a nightmare.

Art is my passion. Whether it’s a sculpture for your entryway, a mural for a room, paintings for a special event or tattoo designs; I’m excited to help you bring your ideas to life!